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My Makeup Collection

Hello everyone!   Recently, I filmed a video on my makeup collection. I have a combination of drugstore and high end products (mostly drugstore… because who can afford all that high end stuff!?). I’ve also been trying to only buy cruelty free products and am now searching for vegan products as well. So if you’re interested, watch the video here.  … Read more →

Super Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

Hello everyone!   I have a super easy tutorial on how to do a semi-messy bun. You can just head on over to my Youtube channel to take a look. Just click here to watch.   I hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful!   I’d love if you could all subscribe to my channel which is filled with… Read more →

Tarte Cosmetics Haul

Today, I am here writing another exciting beauty post! My love for makeup has grown from something I did to cover up the redness and pimples on my face to being a hobby I love doing, creating new and different looks with various colours. This has then lead me to start my own Youtube channel! You can view it here!  … Read more →

December Favourites

Welcome to my very first ‘Monthly Favourites’ post!   In these posts, I’ll be showing you my favourite makeup, skincare and other beauty /  health related products of the month. I’ll do my best to include a wide variety of different brands and different products and also tell you a little bit about them and how they became one of my… Read more →