Feeling Excited For 2017!

I’m writing this post on the 11th day of 2017 and I’m feeling excited already! This is certainly going to be a HUGE year filled with all kinds of experiences and emotions. I’d like to think that I am prepared for it, but I know it is going to be way too overwhelming to be prepared.


School goes back in a few weeks… I actually have no idea what day that’ll be because I’m on holidays and that is the last thing I want to think about because I’ll be starting my very last year of school. Which is both extremely exciting and horribly horrifying at the same time!


I know there will be multiple lectures on maintaining a healthy balance of school, work, health, exercise, self time and a social life by all our class teachers, the year advisor and principal, not to mention parents and other family members! There’ll also be the ‘Get Your Act Together,’ lectures and the stress less talks too. But, I guess they give those talks for a reason…


At the moment I have all these ideas to keep me motivated and I sure as hell hope that they work! I know that we will drown in assignments and exams this year, but hopefully my weekly and monthly planners will help with that. Hopefully my goal ATAR written in giant writing and my list of goals stuck on my wall will keep me at my desk throughout the year.


I’d like to do well in all my subjects this year (Advanced English, General Maths, Biology, Music and Art) and achieve at least a Band 5 in all of them… Although multiple Band 6 results would be better!  😉


But this year won’t just revolve around school and exams. I know so many amazing things will happen this year! Even though that is said every. single. year. But 2017 is going to be awesome!


We’ve got formal to look forward to which means plenty of shopping trips to look for dresses and shoes and experimentation with makeup, hair, nails and tanning! Plus, all of the photos with our closest friends, teachers and year group!


Not to mention, the majority of us are going to be turning 18 this year! Which means going to parties and finally being able to go into a shop and buy our own drinks! We’ll finally have the chance to go to clubs with friends too!


Then there is schoolies of course, but personally, I don’t exactly want to go to schoolies. So I’ll be planning my own holidays and starting up a travel blog for sure!


Once our exams are over, I know we’ll all feel an amazing amount of freedom which is going to be fantastic. I mean, I’ve got university to think about, but I’m actually pretty excited for that!


There is so much to look forward to this year. Three more terms… Thirty more weeks and I’ll basically be finished high school! I remember when the count down was three more years! Time has gone so fast, so I bet this year will too! But, I’m super keen, so bring it on 2017!!



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