A strong desire or impulse to travel and explore the world.


Hi guys!


Today, I felt like writing this article just because I am absolutely filled with Wanderlust at the moment! For quite a few years now I have dreamed of visiting places all over this world and in a few more months time, I might be able to do just that! Currently, I am finishing up my last year in high school which is very exciting. There’s only 9 months until the final exams will be over and I’ll never have to walk into those school grounds again! We will finally be free to do whatever we like! For me, that will be to travel as much as possible!


Growing up, I have always travelled with my mum and nan and i’ve been on planes ever since I was little. Mostly, we would travel nationally around Australia, visiting a new place each time plus a few overseas trips to Vanuatu and Fiji in the South Pacific. Which is where I think my love for travel developed. Not to mention that my aunt and uncle have been on countless overseas trips to all kinds of countries. So, it is no surprise that travelling the world is high up on my bucket list!


As i’ve gotten older, my obsession has grown… I have collected quite a large pile of travel magazines that are all filled with sticky notes. My Pinterest account is filled with travel boards. I originally had one board named ‘travel,’ however I pinned so many pictures that it became hard to find a certain photo when I wanted it. So now, I have several boards for specific places such as Paris, London, Italy, New York, etc, etc! I even have a board called ‘Things to Wear When I go to Greece.’


I think we can say I am obsessed!


Europe has been at the top of my list for the longest I believe. My nan went there when I was around 10 and my aunt and uncle have been there many times as well. At the moment, i’m thinking about doing a Contiki or Topdeck tour that starts in London, goes to Paris and then makes its way down to Spain, through Italy and back to London via the Swiss Alps and Amsterdam. In addition to island hopping in Greece! Plus a few extra nights in Paris as well. I’ve been saving up for ages now and I can’t wait to go!


My mum and I are also talking about a trip to either Thailand or Fiji as a celebration for finishing school! I am most definitely keen for that, especially since I will have a Go Pro to take with me!


Los Angeles is also calling for me. I’ve recently seen some of my Favourite YouTubers vlog in LA and it just made me want to visit o badly! There are so many amazing shops that we don’t have in Australia! Anyone that knows me, will know that i’m a sucker for shopping! Not to mention Universal Studios and Disneyland being close by too! The list of things to do in LA is endless!


I really could continue my list of places I want to go, but Europe, Thailand, Fiji and LA are where I am considering most at the moment!


As you can probably tell from this article, I am incredibly excited to travel and explore! From these trips, you can expect many travel vlogs on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEnwC7klsm4YDZvUKAgVMVQ

I’m going to have a Go Pro to film them and I may buy myself a drone in the future too! You can also expect countless posts on my travel blog which will be kicked off later this year!


I hope this article was entertaining and maybe you’ll find my wanderlust contagious!

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